Fisher Price Kawasaki KFX Ninja Ride –On Review

Are you looking for the perfect birthday gift for your grandson? Let him experience the thrill of riding a real ATV by giving him Fisher Price Kawasaki new ride -on ATV. This 4 -wheeler ride -on vehicle can conquer any terrain earning its place in our list of the best power wheels.

Fisher-Price promises to give your little driver a thrilling adventure with this ride -on ATV. With its robust body, expect an non-stop fun and excitement. Read on to learn why this ride -on ATV is one of the best power wheels.

Fisher Price Kawasaki KFX Ninja Ride –On Review

Features and Benefits

  • Two Driving Modes: The Power Wheels Fisher Price Kawasaki can accommodate both beginners and experienced little drivers. For beginners, its best to start with the Beginner Mode. You grandson can activate this driving mode by pushing the drive button and pressing the foot pedal. Don’t let this humble mode fool you. Its faster than most ride –on vehicles in the market. Its maximum speed is 3 mph. Once you’re confident that he can handle driving his ride -on ATV at 6 mph, you can activate the High Speed Mode. Simply remove the speed lock and the ride -on ATV can run up twice the speed of the Beginner Mode. It would be best to hold off the removal of the speed lock until you are 100% sure that your grandson can handle driving at 6 mph. If you have doubts, walk behind him while he’s familiarizing himself with the speed boost. In summary, the maximum forward speed is 6 mph while the maximum reverse speed is 3 mph.
  • Cool and Realistic ATV Styling: This ride -on ATV looks like the real thing. It is shiny and sleek. It has a comfortable drivers seat, built-in footrest, and cool handbars. To top it off, it comes with a Kawasaki sticker.The tough design is perfect for little boys who want to play “grown up. Its realistic twist -grip throttle revs the ride -on ATV into high speed. The Kawasaki ride -on is for children 3 years old and above. It can support up to 65 lbs.Despite its intimidating appearance, driving it is a breeze. Its perfect to ignite your child’s passion in doing outdoor activities. Your little drivers motor skills, coordination, and balance will improve as well.
  • Monster Traction Tires: The Fisher Price Kawasaki ATV can conquer any terrain thanks to its monster traction tires. Whether your little driver drives on mud, wet grass, gravel, ruts, and rough terrains, there’s no stopping him. They are not a match for this Kawazaki. The flashy “chrome’ wheels are not just for show. Fisher-Price promises that they won’t get stuck ensuring an unhindered adventure and fun. With the monster traction tires, your grandson can experience real ATV riding in his own backyard. There’s no remote control for parents though so be sure to follow him wherever he goes during his first few try. Help him balance while he familiarizes himself with the features of the ride -on vehicle.
  • Safety Features: Fisher Price Kawasaki makes sure that their little clients are safe while riding the best power wheels they could offer. The 2 most notable safety features of this ride -on vehicle are: High -Speed Lock -Out and Power -Lock Brakes. The High -Speed Lock -Out System involves a speed lock which limits the speed of the ride -on vehicle to 3 mph. This will prevent accidents caused by over -speeding. Beginners need time to familiarize themselves with the ride -on ATV and the speed lock allows them to safely do that. Grandparents can comfortably follow the ride -on vehicle running at 3 mph. If you think he’s ready, you can remove the speed lock and allow him to drive at 6 mph. Another important safety feature is the Power -Lock Brakes. This feature causes the ride -on vehicle to automatically kick in once the little rider stops accelerating.

What We Like :

  • Faster than other ride -on vehicles with speed up to 6 mph.
  • Conquers all terrains.
  • Won’t get stuck because of the monster traction tires.
  • Tough and realistic design.
  • Has a beginner mode and high speed mode.

What We Didn’t Like :

  • Some assembly is required.
  • No remote control for parents.
  • Accommodates only 1 child.
  • A bit on the pricier side.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: How long does the battery last on this ride -on vehicle?

Answer: It lasts approximately 2-3 hours. You need to charge the battery 18 hours prior to the first use. You can use it during the day and charge it overnight.

Question: Which of the two is used for acceleration? Foot pedal or twist -grip throttle?

Answer: You need to use both. The foot pedal activates the beginner mode with a speed of 3 mph. When you remove the speed lock, you can use the twist -grip throttle to reach a speed of up to 6 mph.

Question: Does it have a reverse mode?

Answer: Yes, it does. You just need to push the white button in front of the seat for forward and reverse options. It has 2 speeds when in forward (3 mph and 6 mph) and only 3 mph in reverse.

Question How do you activate the high speed?

Answer: When you’re sure that your child can handle driving at 6 mph, simply remove the seat cover and plug in the extra wire. This will remove the safety lock and allow your child to drive at a faster speed.

Question: How to switch from foot accelerator to handle accelerator?

Answer: By default, you can use the foot accelerator or the foot pedal anytime. On the other hand, you need to remove the seat cover and plug in the extra wire to activate the handle accelerator. Activating the twist –grip throttle will increase the speed of the ride -on vehicle by another 3 mph. If you think your child is not ready yet or can’t handle the speed boost, don’t activate the handle accelerator or the twist -grip throttle.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a cool ride-on vehicle for your grandson that will last for long time, this is it. Kids can’t resist the fun and adventure that the Fisher Price Kawasaki Ninja offers. Without a doubt, it is a good piece of investment for your grandson’s happiness.

Listed as one of the best power wheels, this ride -on ATV is not only a stunner. Its performance is top notch. It can conquer all terrains without breaking a sweat. If you buy this for him, it’ll become an unforgettable part of your grandson’s childhood.

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