Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ride On Jeep in Red Review

Are you looking for a fun and realistic Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ride On Jeep in Red for your little driver? Spoil your grandson or granddaughter with a Wrangler Jeep from Fisher-Price. This stunner will take your little one on an exciting adventure with its amazing features.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ride On Jeep in Red Review

Fisher-Price created this red ride -on jeep with safety and adventure in mind. What awaits your little one is a realistic and unique driving experience. Check out the reasons why its included in our list of the best power wheels available.

Features and Benefits of Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ride On Jeep in Red

  • 3 Safety Features to Keep Your Grandchild Safe: The main concern grandparents have when choosing a ride -on vehicle is not its attractive exterior. It is their grandchild’s safety. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ride On Jeep in Red Wrangler Jeep comes with a high-speed lock -out, power –lock brakes, and a remote control. Nothing less from the best power wheels in the country. For beginners, it is best to limit the speed of the ride -on to its slowest. Once the little ones driving skills improved, you can remove the high-speed lock -out. This will allow your grandchild to operate the 4 -wheeler at a faster speed. The power -lock brakes feature ensures that the ride -on vehicle stops safely when the little driver takes his or her foot off the pedal. You can use the remote control to assist the little driver anytime thus ensuring his safety.
  • 2 -Speed Forward and Reverse Option: Whether your grandchild is a beginner or an experienced driver, this ride -on jeep can accommodate him or her. First-time little drivers can have fun at a safe speed of 2.5 mph in both forward and reverse. On the other hand, more experienced drivers can enjoy a speed of up to 5 mph. If you’re not confident of your little ones driving skills yet, do not activate the high-speed lock -out feature. This safety feature will keep him from driving at 5 mph. Just let him improve his driving skills by practicing at 2.5 mph. With this 2 -speed option, your grandchild can imagine completing a cross-country cruise. He or she can also enjoy pretending to trek steep mountainsides or to tear up muddy trails. Wherever your little driver wants to go, the best power wheels can take him there in style.
  • Real FM Radio with MP3 Jack: Do you want to know what makes a road trip extra fun? Its music! Fisher -Prices Deluxe Wrangler Jeep comes with a real FM Radio. Your grandchild can listen to random songs from your favorite FM radio stations while driving and enjoying the scenery. You can also use the MP3 jack to play your grandchild’s favorite nursery rhymes and songs. Simply connect your iPhone, iPod, or other MP3 players to the ride -on jeeps MP3 jack to listen to the songs from your playlist. You can go the extra mile and create a playlist exclusively for your grandchild’s favorite songs. You’ll see the little driver singing and dancing as he or she drives the ride -on. The little one’s laughter is enough to pay for the trouble of creating the playlist.
  • Storage for Your Little Drivers Stuff: Unlike other ride -on vehicles, the red Wrangler Jeep made by Fisher-Price does not only come with a passenger seat. It also comes with a rear storage area. This on -the -go space for toys and snacks is perfect for kiddie picnics and playdates. The large seating area allows two riders to enjoy the ride -on jeep. The storage area can house their toys so they can play with them wherever they go. The ride -on Wrangler Jeep can carry up to 130 lbs which is pretty high compared to the other best power M on our list. Some of the other ride -on vehicles can only carry less than 100 lbs. With this weight capacity and storage space, a more convenient and fun driving experience is in store for your little driver.
  • Realistic Jeep Styling: This 4 -wheeler looks realistic and works similar to the real thing. The two functioning doors make it easy to access the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat. It features a working headlight so your grandchild can play even after dark in your front yard. The front and back fenders, the “chrome accents, roll -bars, and grille give your little driver an authentic feeling of driving a real Wrangler jeep. The ride -on jeep can drive across grass, pebbles, mud, and hard surfaces. With this realistic ride -on jeep, your little one can understand the basics of driving. Your grandchild will learn how to power -up a ride -on vehicle. He or she will surely enjoy making the ride -on jeep go forward and backward while learning how to steer.

What We Like :

  • 3 safety features.
  • Realistic jeep styling.
  • Working headlights.
  • Large cockpit area.
  • Storage area.
  • Real FM radio with MP3 Jack.
  • Can accommodate 2 kids.
  • Increased wheel base.

What We Didn’t Like :

  • Pricier compared to other ride -on vehicles.
  • Slow speed is not enough for grass.
  • Needs to assemble it using the manual.
  • No seatbelts.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Is it difficult to assemble the ride -on jeep?

Answer: No. If you follow the manual, you can assemble it in approximately one hour. The trickiest part is the decals.

Question: Can the kids change the speed from slow to fast?

Answer: If the parents do not remove the high-speed lock -out, the kids cannot change the speed to fast. Once the parents believe that the kid can operate the ride -on jeep at 5 mph, they can remove the high-speed lock -out. While driving, the kid can now change the speed according to his will.

Question: Is it difficult to remove and charge the battery?

Answer: Not difficult at all. Its very simple and only takes less than a minute to do it.

Question: How long does a full -charged battery lasts?

Answer: A full -charge battery will allow your child to enjoy the ride -on jeep for 1-2 hours.

Question: Will the ride -on jeep fit through a standard door?

Answer: Yes. It also depends on the width of the door.

Final Verdict

Aesthetic wise, Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ride On Jeep in Red looks attractive and cool. The features are realistic which makes it fun and exciting to operate. The additional legroom and storage area make it convenient to ride with a friend. You can’t do this with other ride -on vehicles. Driving with a friend doubles the excitement and fun.

Its a little bit more expensive than others but its totally worth it. This is especially true if you have two grandchildren who wants to ride at the same time. Without a doubt, its the best power wheels for your grandson or granddaughter.

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