How to Modify Power Wheels to Go Faster And Ride Better

Power Wheels are great, but they’d better if you could add more speed. This article shows how to make Power Wheels amazingly fast.

Power Wheels are cool and fun, but it’s even more so if you can up the speed up a bit. Fortunately, learning how to modify Power Wheels to go faster isn’t that hard. Here are your best options.

How to Modify Power Wheels to Go Faster

Install a New Motor :

  1. Open the motor of the Power Wheels. Turn the car upside down. Take out the wheels. Take out the motor with a screwdriver and wiggle the motor until it comes loose.


  1. Make sure the motor works with your Power Wheels. Take out the brushless motor from your secondary car and wipe with a rag to get rid of dirt.


  1. Place a spade connector on the brushless motor pin. The spade has to be solder free. If you’re unable to remove the spade, just buy one from your local hardware store.


  1. Place the brushless motor back in your Power Wheels. Start by pushing the motor, with the spade going in first. Screw the hardware in position so the battery doesn’t move. This may require a bit of turning and twisting so you have to be patient.


  1. Connect the wiring onto the brushless motor. Remove the wires from the original motor. Connect them to the new motor using the same connectors. You can replace the battery now if you want to.


  1. The last step is to thread back the wheels and test it. If the motor and remote are compatible you won’t have problems driving the car. Since there will be a significant increase in speed, test in an obstruction free area.


Install a Battery :

  1. Choose one that is compatible with your Power Wheels. Check the operating manual for information on what battery to get. You can buy Power Wheels batteries but they’re expensive, so you can go for aftermarket batteries instead.


  1. Use a Flathead screwdriver to remove the top of the battery. Use the screwdriver to pull off the top and then take the edges off. Remove the top piece but try not to damage the battery casing. Steer clear of the black connector within the battery as you’ll need to hook that up to your new battery. If it gets damage you’ll need a replacement so make sure that it isn’t damaged.


  1. Pull away the connector off the battery. You may need to wiggle it a bit but the connector should come out. Pull out a couple of the negative and positive wires as far out as possible. Clip them as near the battery as you can.

Use crimpers or wire cutters so the cuts are crisp and clean. Dispose of your batteries properly.


  1. The next step is to hook up the fuse on the battery connector’s positive side. Put a 3 amp fuse in a fuse container and strip a centimeter of wire cover from both sides. Place the exposed wire in a wire connector. Crimp the connector.

The positive connector needs to be red or white. Once the connector is crimped, place one wire from the fuse onto the battery connector’s other side. Crimp down to join the fuse onto the connector.You can find these connectors, fuse holders and fuses in any hardware store.


  1. All exposed wires have to be covered. Place an insulated female spade on the battery connector’s negative wire. Cover the exposed fuse wire as well. Bring your battery to the hardware store to find an appropriate spade connector for it.


  1. Place the connector on the replacement battery. Hook up the replacement battery’s negative terminal onto the connector’s negative wire. Connect the positive terminal onto the positive wire.


  1. Now everything should be set. Place your Power Wheels upright and test it.


Tips and Warnings :


  • Never use old batteries.
  • 12v rechargeable batteries have a finite number of charges and discharges.
  • Make sure your RC has new batteries when testing those Power Wheels.



Power Wheels are a blast to play, but if you really want to see that thing fly you’ll need to give it more speed and power. By following the tips given here that’s exactly what you’ll get. Whether you choose to install a new battery or motor, expect to get a serious speed boost.

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