Jaguar F-TYPE 12V Kids Power Wheels Car Review

Children love toys that will help them emulate the activities of grown-ups. The jaguar power wheels F-type ride on kids car is a marvel of kiddie engineering since it resembles a real-life car. This car will not only enhance the self-esteem of the child but also it will play a key role in the development of your child’s cognitive and psychomotor skills. This car is genuinely authentic and is manufactured under the license by Jaguar and it comes with essential features like working lights, remote control, leather seats, and EVA tires.

Jaguar power wheels F-TYPE 12V Kids Ride On car
Jaguar power wheels

Jaguar F-TYPE 12V Kids Ride On Battery Powered Wheels Car Features


This car is similar to the real Jaguar model albeit the size and the construction materials. The key start is a superb gadget that is featured to give your kid a real time experience. You do not want your kid to feel fooled whenever they are on the car. The presence of the key start and the ignition sounds adds realism to the whole experience and helps the kid have a lot of fun right from the start. Besides, having the car keys will help the kid develop a sense of responsibility and self-worth. This makes this Jaguar model the real deal to impart key skills to your kid and foster the level of independence in your kid.


The Jaguar power wheels  is an amazing toy that features an exceptional parental remote control. With its 2.4GHz range, the full function control ensures the parent is always in control even when the kid is enjoying driving within the neighborhood.

It’s never safe for the little ones to play all alone especially when driving the powered ride on cars. Danger might strike anytime but with the remote control in your hands, the security of your kids is guaranteed. Even when the kids are playing 10M away you will you will be able to control the forward and reverse motion of the car.

Above all the remote control ensures the parents are also involved in the fun-filled play. This makes the kids feel loved as they develop their confidence in key skills in life.


The faux leather seat is one the standout features in the Jaguar F-type ride on car. The seat guarantees durability and comfort when the kid is driving within the neighborhood. Leather is regarded highly even in real cars and when it’s featured on a kid car it makes it feel real and enhances the quality of the miniature vehicle. The leather seats are also amazing since they elegantly compliment the interior design of the kid car

These seats are also fitted with comfortable and adjustable seat belts. The seat belts are designed to guarantee security to the smaller children even when accelerating at top speed thanks to the 5 points adjustment points. Even when the kid is navigating through rough terrain your kid will remain firmly rooted and balanced on the seat.


Jaguar F-type is a wonderful ride on car for kids that is powered by a 12 volt battery. The car has a twin engine has the capability to keep the car moving smoothly even when the terrain is rough. The power wheels kid car has three forward speeds 2, 3, 4 MPH plus the reverse speed. This makes the car perfect for kids between the age of 2 years and 4 years.

This makes it comfortable for every kid even those not accustomed to driving. The functionality of the motor and speed system is backed by the spring suspension of the wheels to guarantee top-class comfort. The rubber tire ensures smooth driving and enhances the durability of the car. the tire make also make a great difference by ensuring the ride is pleasant since no noise is made even when on grass and pavement.


This kid car features a full MP3 player and FM radio which automatically scans the available radio stations. With the USB and SD input, it becomes easier for your kid to listen to his/her favorite songs. The steering wheel features a button that has pre-programmed kid’s tune.

The dashboard has elegant lights and it also shows the frequency of the radio display and cars remote control. The two fakes dials on the dashboard feature LED backlights. There also LED taillights and headlights which make the car look elegant in the night.

The doors of this car are thick like the one on a regular car. The exterior is an automotive level finished paint which can be washed and waxed. However, you should avoid wiping the paint with alcoholic products, as it will come off.

What We Like

  • Has a wide range of wireless remote control.
  • Design as a replica of the regular Jaguar car.
  • Powered by two motors for incredible reliability.
  • Ultra-comfortable and safe for kids
  • Has fully integrated lights and sound.

What We didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with instructions
  • Requires substantial assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is the car made for two children?

Ans: This is a great car that only fits one child.

2. Does the car ride comfortably on grass?

Ans: Yes, this car will ride very well on grass.

3. What is the range of the wireless remote control?

Ans: The range will vary between 30 and 80 feet.

4. How do I assemble the car?

Ans: The main body of the car is complete. You only mount the windshield and dashboard, mount the steering wheel and the wheel, and connect the battery.


There are numerous ride-on cars on the market and this has made it difficult for the customer to spot the best. For this reason, we have prepared this Jaguar F-type ride on guide to help you make an informed decision.

Based on its quality and features this car looks awesome and performs excellently in all terrains. This is not your regular toy, its design to turn heads and offer optimal fun to kids. With great safety features, this comes as the best option for kids at all ages, above all, it will not take you long to charge the battery and once fully charge it can last for up to three hours of continuous driving.

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