Remote Control Electric Battery Power Wheels Review

Remote Control Electric Battery Power Wheels ReviewBest Choice Products manufacture the Remote Control Electric Battery Power Wheels. Anyone who has ever used toys from this company can attest to their great and creative efforts in providing fun features in their toys. The RC Ride –On Car is among their latest works and is definitely one of their greatest. Why?’ You may ask. Let’s find out.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Great Design: Best Choice Products lived up to their reputation with this toy. The material used in the making of this car is ABS plastic, which is very safe for your kids. The seats are made of leather and are very comfortable. The car comes in an attractive pink color, which is sure to please many children within the recommended age bracket. The design of the vehicles imitates a real car in many ways. It even has adjustable safety belts and LED lights. Your kid will definitely have so much fun pretending to be a real driver as this simulates the experience in the best way possible. Also, it can help your children learn some basic safety rules when driving, such as buckling up the safety belts.
  • Auxiliary cord: Your kids can also enjoy some good music as they ride around in their little vehicle. The toy has an auxiliary cord that you can connect to your phone, or whatever device you play music on. Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect it to other devices via Bluetooth. With that said, the auxiliary cord feature sets it apart from most other vehicles for kids. Driving with some music can be very entertaining for kids. On the same note, the vehicle comes with a good set of speakers.
  • Remote control and radio: This is another feature which sets this toy apart from other Power Wheel vehicles. Your kids can enjoy riding around at the maximum speed before they even learn how to drive it. You can simply be their remote driver. The remote control has buttons for powering and stopping the vehicle. It also has options for increasing or decreasing the speed, changing directions (right or left) and forwarding or reversing the vehicle. The remote control has a wide radius, and it is very unlikely that the vehicle will go beyond this radius. The vehicle also comes with a functioning radio. The radio does not need a separate set of batteries to function; it simply uses the car batteries. This should at least save you some money on the purchase of separate batteries. As many users have observed, the radio and remote control work perfectly. If you are driving your kids around with the remote control, it is, of course, necessary to make sure they are within your sight.
  • Long lasting batteries: The original package of this product includes the batteries. The vehicle runs on rechargeable 12V 7Amp batteries. When you first buy the vehicle, you should make sure you charge the batteries till they are full. Otherwise, the car may fail to operate. The batteries take about 8 hours to be fully charged. On the track, the batteries should last for about 2 hours, depending on the usage. As mentioned before, everything on this vehicle runs on the power of the car battery, and too much usage can drain it much faster. That also includes the music. With that said, in actual use, the battery should last you for about an hour or slightly longer. This is what most buyers of the toy have reported. The original package also includes an AC charger.
  • Safety: This is a pretty safe vehicle for your children. It is meant to fit one child at a time, although smaller children can fit in twos. To make the vehicle as safe as possible, the makers included safety belts which can be strapped on by the driver. The toy can also be operated with a remote control if the children are not yet capable of driving well enough. You can also switch from manual driving to remote controlled driving, and the remote will override the manual drive. This provides great safety for your kids. The maximum speed of this vehicle is five mph, which is fast enough to make the experience fun for your child; and at the same time slow enough to ensure that no serious harm is done in case of an accident. This Power Wheels vehicle is specifically meant for children between 3 and six years old.

What We Like :

  • Being so real like, this vehicle simulates the real driving experience perfectly
  • Can accommodate kids as heavy as 88 pounds
  • Can play music using an auxiliary cord to entertain your kid driver
  • Comes with a remote control and radio
  • Has headlights and a horn
  • Has a thrilling speed of 5mph
  • Comes with an instructions manual

What We Didn’t Like :

  • Hard to assemble

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How long does the battery last?

Ans: The battery lasts for an average of 1.5 hours to 2 hours. However, since the battery is usually overused for other functions such as music and the radio, it will usually last for about an hour. Always make sure you charge it till it is fully charged.

2. How many kids can ride in it?

Ans: It is meant to be for one child at a time.

3. What is its maximum speed?

Ans: It can go as fast as five mph.

4. How do you play music with this vehicle?

Ans: Simple, just connect your phone using the auxiliary cord and select your best playlist.

5. What is the recommended age range of users?

Ans: The vehicle is designed for kids between 3 and six years.

Final Verdict

The Remote Control Electric Battery Power Wheels is probably the best power wheels vehicle in the market right now. It is guaranteed to be the object of fun for your little one. The product comes with a range of benefits for you and your child alike. Your children can get to have so much fun, and you can always experience peace, knowing that they are safe. If they lose control or anything, you can quickly turn into the driver using the remote control. Kids also like being driven using the remote control. To sum up, this is a worthwhile product that is even worth more than you have to pay for.

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